Lambo Gallardo 06

Had the pleasure of assisting Lafa, a local automotive photographer. Great guy, great photographer. Learned some new techniques and got to have quite the adventure. Really got me out of my comfort zone.
Funny story when helping him do some roll shots. As some of you may know i recently bought my first stick shift vehicle (2014 FiestaST). I’ve never driven one and never bothered to learn. Now i freaking want to drive everything stick shift. However this time was a bit different.
So Lafa hands me the keys and tells me to drive….i immediately grew nervous and negative thoughts started rushing through my head …..i was incredibly slow behind the wheel, worried to hell that i would hit the lambo as we’re driving. AT ONE POINT the knob came off the clutch and i’m sitting there screaming my head off lol Good times. Also we got the siren from an officer warning Lafa to stick his head back in his car…. Anyways , sorry for the boring story lol . Here’s some shots i took while he worked.

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